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Two Key Challenges (and Solutions) to Growth in the Freight Industry

Two Key Challenges (and solutions) to Growth in the Freight Industry The past 18 months have brought many aspects of our global community into sharper focus. From the need for robust public health […]

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Connixt and Your ERP / EAM System

What does a Connixt  implementation mean for your current systems Connixt's solutions provide much needed cloud & mobile functionality that is essential for efficiencies, compliance and ensuring […]

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Los Angeles Metro recognizes Connixt iMarq™ deployment at Rail Fleet Services

August 2021. Los Angeles Metro’s Rail Fleet Services (RFS) received the Bright Ideas Award for their implementation of the Connixt iMarq™ mobile application suite for digitizing maintenance. The […]

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Actionable Telematics & Digitizing Maintenance @ TMC21


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School Buses-When Fleets come back to use this Fall

Many schools are opening again for in-person classes after a nearly 18-month break and so naturally, there are some concerns about what things will look like come September. While teachers, […]

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Actionable Telematics -                            Extending your ELD and Telematics investments

Many executives and management professionals in the logistics and transportation industries are now seeing that there is a lot more they can get from their ELD and telematics systems. Developments in […]

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Digitizing the Last mile: Simplifying Utilities Management

Cloud and mobile digital transformation solutions are a powerful tool enjoyed by large enterprises and organizations across many sectors. For years now, companies from around the globe have been […]

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Fleet Efficiencies & The Impact on Supply Chain

Over the past year, we have witnessed the significant impact that a single disruptive event can have on global supply chains. From the Evergreen blockage in the Suez Canal that halted 12% of global […]

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iMarq integrates with Samsara

I am pleased to announce that Connixt iMarq™ is now integrated with Samsara – a further step towards digitizing and automating asset management and maintenance for Samsara customers.  iMarq is listed […]

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How Automated Management Can Improve Safety and Efficiency

Streamlined processes and automated management for employees working in the field or on-site is the new way of doing business. Filling out paper forms on-site and then inputting the data into the […]