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Fleet Efficiencies & The Impact on Supply Chain

Over the past year, we have witnessed the significant impact that a single disruptive event can have on global supply chains. From the Evergreen blockage in the Suez Canal that halted 12% of global […]

Published by Prabu Ekambaram

iMarq integrates with Samsara

I am pleased to announce that Connixt iMarq™ is now integrated with Samsara – a further step towards digitizing and automating asset management and maintenance for Samsara customers.  iMarq is listed […]

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How Automated Management Can Improve Safety and Efficiency

Streamlined processes and automated management for employees working in the field or on-site is the new way of doing business. Filling out paper forms on-site and then inputting the data into the […]

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Digital Initiatives to Address Technician Shortages

The technician shortage is very real, with demand for new workers typically underestimated. However, recent changes in how estimates are created better reflect the realities of the technician labor […]

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Three factors for successful technology adoption for maintenance

New technology is only as powerful as your ability to use it and successfully integrate it enterprise-wide. How many times have you seen new technologies purchased by leadership with the promise of […]

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How to Shift Field Workers from Paper to Mobile

Keep your employees physically mobile without the paper-based processes.[…]

Published by Prabu Ekambaram

Why iOT is the key to successful Asset Maintenance

Industries whose core business revolves around their fixed and movable assets are focused primarily on increasing asset utilization, minimizing downtime and optimizing replacement while maintaining […]

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3 Trends in Maintenance Technology for this decade (and beyond)

There is much in store for maintenance in the years ahead beyond the usual enhancements to traditional asset maintenance systems.  Increased use of mobile computing, IoT (Internet of Things), and […]

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Why Core Values Are Our Engine for Success

Why Core Values Are Our Engine for Success - By G Satish & Prabu Ekambaram We are a tech company but don't view ourselves as one - our goal is never to invest in or invent or talk technology just for […]

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Six Sources of ROI from Digital Transformation

Six Sources of ROI from Digital Transformation When considering Digital Transformation, the key question decision-makers focus on: can we quantify and track the ROI from these initiatives? When you […]