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Connixt makes it easy for businesses and their suppliers, contractors & field employees to collaborate – as intuitive as downloading an app and connecting! Your users are already aware of this model from the social world – and we decided that it had to be no different in the enterprise.



Published by Reid Nuttall at May 31, 2017

Can you use one tool for inspection?

Is your peanut butter smooth or chunky? Inspection needs surround us. While we live in a world with remote sensors and an expanding universe of the Internet of Things, growing drone technology, it […]

Published by Connixt at March 29, 2017

Top Practices on Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Meet the Cloud: Your business’s way forward. Companies that don’t take advantage of cloud computing now are expected to be in the minority in less than six years. If that’s not enough to get you on […]

Published by Connixt at March 22, 2017

Powering a Small Business Through a Mobile App Revolution

What you need to know about the mobile revolution and its impacts on your business. In today’s modern society, mobile is no longer a nice-to-have feature for small and medium businesses. Now, it’s a […]

Published by Connixt at March 15, 2017

Moving a Business from Mobile-Ready to Mobile-First

Transitioning a business from mobile ready to mobile-first. Gone are the days of sitting in front of the computer to get the information that you need. With the use of smartphones on the rise, this […]

Published by Connixt at March 08, 2017

How Mobile Apps Can Help Resolve Common Business Complaints

A closer look at the benefits of going mobile in your business. In business, the best technology innovations help companies identify, automate, and simplify, while effectively saving time, money, and […]

Published by Connixt at February 22, 2017

How to Improve Customer Service with Mobile Apps

Better your customer service through the use of a smartphone app. The world of technology has opened substantial opportunities for businesses. From marketing to stock taking to gathering feedback, […]

Published by Connixt at February 15, 2017

Technology and The Millennial Workforce: Keep Them In Sync

Work with millennials in this digital economy to better your business. In 2020, approximately half of the working world will be made up of the millennial generation. In this digital climate, it’s […]

Published by Connixt at February 08, 2017

Is Outdated Technology Slowing Down Your Business?

Old and expired technology could be hindering your business. Small business owners have a lot on their plate as it is. And yet for that very reason it is important for they have ready access to […]

Published by Connixt at February 06, 2017

Why You Should Choose Connixt for Your Enterprise Mobile Needs This Year!

Choose the best-in-class enterprise mobile suite for your mobile needs. Whether your business needs for seamless integration and communication are on the field, in the office, or at the warehouse, […]

Published by Connixt at January 30, 2017

How to Protect Your Small Business’s Data

Safeguard your company’s information with these tips. In the age of technology-based businesses and hackers, it’s important to know where your company’s threats lie. Protecting your business from a […]