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Connixt makes it easy for businesses and their suppliers, contractors & field employees to collaborate – as intuitive as downloading an app and connecting! Your users are already aware of this model from the social world – and we decided that it had to be no different in the enterprise.



Published by Connixt at May 26, 2016

Benefits of Auto Replenishment: Optimize Your Replenishment, Increase Your Profit!

Check out why automated replenishment should be a necessity in your company. As a business owner, you have a lot to manage. From employees to tasks to clients to paperwork, there’s plenty to do. One […]

Published by Connixt at May 16, 2016

Tips to Go Green at Home

How are you helping the planet? If you are ever thinking of going green in your home, the time to start is now! Communities, businesses, and individuals alike are becoming increasingly aware of their […]

Published by Connixt at May 10, 2016

Eliminate Paperwork in the Field: Here’s How You Make Your Field Employees Productive!

Go green and get efficient with one single app! As a business owner, you’ll want to keep your employees productive in the office and in the field! Managing stacks of paperwork has never been ideal – […]

Published by Connixt at May 05, 2016

Equal Opportunity Mobile for Your Business

Mobile apps can go beyond your employees to your contractors, temps and suppliers.  Businesses are increasingly turning towards mobile apps to handle their core business processes, day-to-day tasks, […]

Published by Connixt at April 27, 2016

Combat Work Stress with These Tips

Leave work worry-free with these tips and tricks. As our work lives start to get busy, our stress levels rise. Whether you’ve taken too much on at work or your career is a naturally high-pressure […]

Published by Connixt at April 18, 2016

How Mobile Apps Increase Productivity For Your Employees & Business

Technological inceptions and inventions have revolutionized the way businesses are operated and managed. As business owners know, their employees are the soldiers grinding away in the trenches. To […]

Published by Connixt at April 14, 2016

5 Mobile App Trends That Are Improving the Way Businesses Work

Tech trends of 2016 are changing the way we work. There’s no denying that the growth of technology has been explosive ever since the first iMac hit the store. Everything from the way we interact […]

Published by Connixt at April 11, 2016

Hey Distributors, Are You Still Counting Stock? Mobile Apps Can Help

Turn to mobile apps to help your distribution business. Whether your business deals with clothing, accessories, manufacturing consumables or groceries, you need to be at the customer site to collect […]

Published by Connixt at April 07, 2016

Do You Know Where Your Goods Are?

Business Continuity and Mobility on the Cloud as a Risk Mitigation Strategy[…]

Published by Connixt at March 30, 2016

Mobiles and the Millennial Employee

Ditch the newspaper and typewriter - Devices are influencing employees as well as workplaces. Hiring new, young talent, fresh out of college and eager to learn is challenging some established […]