Published by Connixt at January 30, 2017

How to Protect Your Small Business’s Data

Safeguard your company’s information with these tips. In the age of technology-based businesses and hackers, it’s important to know where your company’s threats lie. Protecting your business from a […]

Published by Connixt at September 20, 2016

How Mobile Apps Are Enhancing Business Processes

Simplify your business’s processes with mobile applications. Small businesses and big businesses alike need to know how to stay competitive these days. In turn, companies need to be mobile. It’s not […]

Published by Connixt at July 26, 2016

Should Business Owners Use the Cloud?

Do you know the risks when it comes to cloud computing? There is no doubt that businesses are benefitting from cloud computing. However, with the many advantages, come some substantial drawbacks as […]

Published by Connixt at July 18, 2016

Three Easy and Simple Apps to Aid Your Business

Supercharge your business with these apps! Entrepreneurs are notorious for wearing multiple hats and working long hours. Needless to say, their time is noticeably very precious. If you feel like […]

Published by Connixt at July 12, 2016

The Cloud, The App, Your Business – Do They Work Together?

Determine if the cloud and your apps will work seamlessly with your business. In this digital age, there is no doubt that plenty of firms are going online and using cloud based services more than […]

Published by Connixt at July 06, 2016

Aid Your Employees in the Field with These Apps

Connect your employees in the field with those in the back office through one app. Improving corporate-wide communications and collaboration must include field workers. Surprisingly, many businesses […]

Published by Connixt at June 27, 2016

Successful Entrepreneurs That Continue to Influence Businesses Today!

Influential tech entrepreneurs still influence the world around us today. Entrepreneurs build many of the things that you use and love today, especially in the technology world. Our devices and tech […]

Published by Connixt at June 21, 2016

Reduce Business Process Cycle Times with Mobile Apps!

Want to simplify your work processes? Use mobile apps![…]

Published by Connixt at June 14, 2016

How Apps Can Manage Your Business

Mobile apps can monitor and better your business! Today, the majority of the American population owns a smartphone. This technology has revolutionized almost every aspect of our daily lives including […]

Published by Connixt at June 07, 2016

Mobile Apps Accelerate Emergency Responses!

Mobile technology is making utility emergency response smarter and faster – saving lives and more in the process. When utilities respond to emergencies, on-the-go insight is essential to react […]