3 Trends in Maintenance Technology for this decade (and beyond)

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There is much in store for maintenance in the years ahead beyond the usual enhancements to traditional asset maintenance systems.  Increased use of mobile computing, IoT (Internet of Things), and real-time analytics all promise to bring more innovation into maintenance. The future is exciting as teams will be able to communicate more effectively than ever before and the ability to work off of real-time insights will save time, money, and manpower. 

Connixt - 3 Trends

Here are three key trends for technology in maintenance that will be the expectation of every agency and organization moving forward.

  1. Predictive Maintenance and iOT

    Technology now allows you to see into the future - or nearly so. The more data you gather, the more predictive you can be with asset management and maintenance. You will be able to know that a certain asset typically fails after X number of uses, or when a tolerance Y is crossed, and with the real-time monitoring of smart technologies you will be able to know when assets are approaching those numbers and have your field teams monitor those specific assets moving forward.

    What is driving this change? The Internet of Things (iOT). Everything from meters to vehicles can be connected to the internet and data can be recorded in one cloud-based dashboard. Field workers and corporate leaders can be on the same page, in real-time, as devices provide increased transparency and efficiency. 

  2. Mobility and Remote Access to Transparent Data

    As iOT provides us with smart technologies we see an increase in transparency and improved communications. When data is being automatically updated into cloud-based dashboards we remove the potential for human error. Misreading a meter is less likely. Losing paper field reports becomes non-existent. Anyone with access to your dashboards can access accurate data and information in real-time, making communication more transparent and your team more accountable for maintenance. 

  3. UX is No Longer Just for Consumers

    The user experience is most often referenced when thinking externally about customers and consumers. Software for transportation agencies, utility companies, or construction companies doesn’t always fit that bill. Interfaces are often cold and can be tedious to learn. Not anymore. Technology is starting to become more user-friendly and the UX is beginning to reflect what we come to expect from apps we use in our everyday lives. When your field agents don’t hate the technology they’re using, they’re more likely to use it correctly. Make sure that the technology you’re adopting is clean, clear, and user-friendly to get the most out of the people using it.

Connixt is at the forefront of these changes and our customers are already leading the charge of the technology revolution in maintenance and asset management. Explore our products and schedule time to learn more from our team about how taking advantage of these trends is really right at your fingertips. 

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