App Security in a Mobile World

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Balance seamless productivity with high security.

In this tech era, businesses strive to become truly digital enterprises. Mobile apps have become the new norm, with many companies supporting a mobile workforce and customer base. However, maintaining the balance between seamless mobile use and high security isn’t always easily achieved. As apps develop, it’s important to remember the growing need for a comprehensive approach to mobile app security.

Loss Prevention. When you rely on a mobile device for the enterprise and data, it becomes a crucial component of any mobile strategy. The antivirus and anti-malware software should always be up to date to prevent data breaches and hackings. In the case of a lost or compromised device, having the ability to wipe the device remotely is also vital. With a mobile device management solution or service, the loss of sensitive data can be controlled.

Secure Sign In. First and foremost, the user and device authentication and access control ensure that only authorized users gain access to the instrument and documents. Advanced authentication methods such as fingerprint identification and pattern-swipe access control are becoming popular. Bear in mind that even if the device falls into the wrong hands, having a secure sign-in procedure can prevent data loss.

Plan of Action. The third layer of data loss prevention is to have a plan in place if things to go awry. Communication to the team about policies and procedures enables the staff to work to recover data or the device when an emergency occurs.

Leveraging a central application to securely distribute documents and aid the operation of any given businesses is becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. Apps increase productivity and allow companies to work seamlessly. Contact Connixt to get started with apps that automate your critical business processes with a mobile-first strategy that makes it easy to integrate your field workers, contractors, customers, and suppliers into your processes.

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Written by Connixt