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iMarq Release 8.x: What's New, What's Ahead?

The primary goal of iMarq™ is to help field crew maintain their assets in top condition and improve their quality of life by digitizing and automating their work and continually simplifying end-user […]

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Connixt iMarq - Year 2021 at a glance

This past year has been a super-productive year for our Connixt iMarq product and platform with substantial headway in our vision and product roadmap. We not only extended our product beyond the four […]

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iMarq integrates with Samsara

I am pleased to announce that Connixt iMarq™ is now integrated with Samsara – a further step towards digitizing and automating asset management and maintenance for Samsara customers.  iMarq is listed […]

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Why iOT is the key to successful Asset Maintenance

Industries whose core business revolves around their fixed and movable assets are focused primarily on increasing asset utilization, minimizing downtime and optimizing replacement while maintaining […]

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The Connixt Roadmap for Digital Transformation

The Connixt Roadmap for Digital Transformation Product roadmaps, by design, align with technology evolution and customer/market feature requests. But at Connixt we take a different perspective - one […]

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Mobile Apps - A Solution To Costly Enterprise System Upgrades and Integrations

Companies are starting to see value in going mobile for their business applications to overcome the costs and limitations stemming from integration to 3rd party applications, server-side rules and […]

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Native Apps vs. HTML5 – What is Best for You?

Do you use your apps or head straight for your web browser? Screens are small, apps are big, and technology has turned on its head again. In a world that’s social and open, mobile apps play a vital […]