Go green and get efficient with one single app!

As a business owner, you’ll want to keep your employees productive in the office and in the field! Managing stacks of paperwork has never been ideal – for any company – and can slow things down.

As businesses look to improve their efficiency and go greener, mobile apps are proving to be the way forward. Through mobile technology, your business can reduce paper waste, be eco-friendly, and rely on e-documents, management, and tasks all through one app! In essence, not only is your business more efficient, but you can finally kiss paperwork goodbye.

One of the main benefits of business apps is reducing the amount of paper we use. For example, a common glitch in automated digital processes is stopping everything to print a document for signing, then filing and mailing or faxing it. This is a waste of time and money! Here are some other ways in how mobile apps reduce your business’ paper use:

  • Inspection forms – From surveys, safety damage, and maintenance to inventory tracking, you can forget having to carry a binder of documents with you.
  • Time sheets – Your employees can check-in and check-out or record job-on / job-off with auto geotag/time stamps, time-sheets, and tasks. This keeps your employees on target and means that timesheets aren't getting lost!
  • Service invoicing – Need to send an invoice after a service? There’s no waiting to go back to the office, print it, and mail it. All of this can be done from a handy mobile app!
  • Analytics and reporting – Forget wading through spread-sheets and printed graphs. View all of the project maintenance and management information from the app’s dashboard!

Businesses that embrace mobility for their operations will become more efficient, greener, and experience faster response times. With big benefits resulting from a mobile app, what are you waiting for? Contact Connixt to get started with apps that automate your critical business processes with a mobile-first strategy that makes it easy to integrate your field workers, contractors, customers, and suppliers into your processes.

Post by Connixt
May 10, 2016

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