How are you helping the planet?

If you are ever thinking of going green in your home, the time to start is now! Communities, businesses, and individuals alike are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the planet and are adapting their behaviors to minimize the damages.

The human race hasn’t always taken care of the planet. We have depleted Mother Nature’s fossil fuel resources, released toxic fumes into the atmosphere, and caused shifts in the environment. This has come to point where animal species are being wiped off the face of the earth altogether.

Fortunately, going green isn’t as tough as you think! Simple changes can make a huge impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and encouraging others to do the same!

You don’t have to go broke by going green. Here are some tips to go green in your home!

  • Get behind the wheel less: Cut down on your commute by cycling to work or carpooling. Start to think twice before you get into the car. If you can walk to your destination, do it!
  • Drive Smarter: When you do drive, drive at a gas-friendly speed (optimum is 55-60 mph) rather than the fuel-wasting 70mph.
  • Unplug: Turn off electronics instead of putting them to sleep. They will still suck up energy even when they’re ‘asleep.’
  • Recycle: From cans to paper to electronic devices, recycling your waste is so easy these days!
  • Buy Local: While you may think that buying pineapples during winter is a good idea, they’ve most likely come from somewhere foreign and traveled incredibly high air miles. Instead, buy local fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses.
  • Plant Your Food: In a world dominated by factory farms and fast food, growing your own food is kind to your wallet, waistline, and the planet.
  • Go Vegan: Have vegan and vegetarian days to cut down on your intake of meat and dairy products. Every day you are vegan, you’ll save 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forests, 20 lbs. of CO2, and the life of one animal. Not only does it benefit your health, but it helps to save the earth and animals!
  • Reduce Paper:Throw out that clipboard!  Reduce paper use at work and at home.  And capturing information on your mobile device ensures you don’t miss anything out, don’t have to rely on your memory and no more data-entry. 
  • Encourage Others: Every individual’s actions impact the earth. Spread the word of eco-kindness to your friends, family, and community!

Going green reduces your carbon footprint while increasing what’s in your wallet! Looking for ways your business can cut back on energy? Reduce waste and increase your business’ efficiency with Connixt apps! Contact us to learn how you can streamline your processes through easy and simple apps – all the while reducing paper consumption!

Post by Connixt
May 16, 2016

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