Safeguard your company’s information with these tips.

In the age of technology-based businesses and hackers, it’s important to know where your company’s threats lie. Protecting your business from a security breach isn’t just about changing passwords every month or avoiding phishing emails (although these play a big role in keeping your company safe). Employing common sense, having a good security policy in place, and following safe tech practices are all critical to keep your data in safe hands.

Check out some of the top ways to protect your small business’s data!

Identify the data

Examine what sensitive information you have, what you use it for, and where it is stored. Take an inventory of your business’s potentially sensitive information, such as customer credit card information, and note on which documents, servers, and laptops it is stored. This way, you know where everything is, always.

Isolate sensitive data

Keep sensitive information on the fewest number of computers or servers as possible. The fewer copies of important data you have lying around, the easier it is to protect.

Encrypt it

When your data is mobile, encrypting it is important. There are many options to encrypt data through databases or security suites. Once this information is encrypted, it ensures that a hacker is less likely to access the information readily in the event of a breach.

Use secure servers

Using a secure, encrypted connection such as SSL protects sensitive data while it is in transit across the Internet.

Perform background checks

Before hiring on new members, always perform background checks and get at least two references. Verify previous employment information, and check if the potential employee has a criminal record, if necessary.

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Post by Connixt
January 30, 2017

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