Every January LinkedIn marks my work anniversary at Connixt.  Prabu and I started (at) Connixt in January 2015; so our work anniversaries coincide with that of Connixt.  We celebrate each new year the same way – with enthusiasm for what lies ahead, learnings from the year that passed, and an impatience to do more.

On a personal level, I am not a big believer in picking any special day for a resolution to commit to doing something that is productive and positive ("why not today, why not now?").  But I do think it is always useful to have milestones that provide the opportunity to look at where we are vs where we’ve wanted to go, and where we plan to go next.  By that measure, we are first proud to welcome commercial trucking customers who recently went live. And, as we enter 2023, we have already welcomed new customers into Connixt – all the result of some very diligent work by our great team.  As the year progresses you will hear more about (from) our customers, new releases, and, of course, new Connixt team members.  

So, here’s to a wonderful 2023, for all our stakeholders – our customers, employees, partners, vendors, and investors.  And, of course, no day like today, and no time like now to move forward!

G Satish
Post by G Satish
January 16, 2023

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