Mobile technology is making utility emergency response smarter and faster – saving lives and more in the process.

When utilities respond to emergencies, on-the-go insight is essential to react quickly to critical updates from the field. When call centers get a call or, more likely, see a posting on social media that breathing tree has fallen and severed power lines, they need to promptly notify the field crew. With the use of mobile apps, field workers, can receive alerts immediately and get to the scene quickly.  And, if they need more specialized help, these updates can be posted immediately, with photographs and automatic geotags (location, location, location, in an entirely more critical context).

Mobile apps speed up and simplify the task of organizing and communicating the ever-increasing amounts of raw data available during emergency events. Apps put a complete situational picture at responders’ fingertips through their mobile phones and tablets.

With sophisticated filtering, mapping, and reporting functions, field teams can react faster than ever before. If a crew is in the field and near a location in dire need of emergency services, the operator no longer needs to send out a crew from the station. Contacting workers in the field allows fires to be put out quicker – literally! With real-time communications and location mapping, operators are able to assign teams in the area to relevant and nearby calls.

Picture this: Not every emergency call requires a response unit. When a complete field team travels to a local neighborhood, only to be faced with rescuing a cat from a tree near an electric pole (it happens more than you think!), they are then able to respond to other calls while they are in a particular area through the use of mobile apps. Not only does the progress of this mobile technology save time, money, and gas but it can save lives!

Businesses that embrace mobility for business purposes will become more efficient, and the impacted employees will feel more empowered in the field. Contact Connixt to get started with apps that automate your critical business processes with a mobile-first strategy that makes it easy to integrate your field workers, contractors, customers, and suppliers into your processes!

Post by Connixt
June 7, 2016

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