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Why Core Values Are Our Engine for Success

Why Core Values Are Our Engine for Success - By G Satish & Prabu Ekambaram We are a tech company but don't view ourselves as one - our goal is never to invest in or invent or talk technology just […]

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Six Sources of ROI from Digital Transformation

Six Sources of ROI from Digital Transformation When considering Digital Transformation, the key question decision-makers focus on: can we quantify and track the ROI from these initiatives? When you […]

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The Origins of Connixt: How We Are Disrupting Enterprise Software

The Origins of Connixt: How We Are Disrupting Enterprise Software - By G Satish & Prabu Ekambaram Since its creation in 2015, Connixt has successfully created and launched a mobile application […]

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Cloud Technology is Revolutionizing Transportation’s Workforce Management

How the Transportation Industry Is Increasing its Productivity Through Cloud-Based Solutions Digital transformation has allowed many organizations to reduce their operational inefficiencies by […]

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Top Practices on Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Meet the Cloud: Your business’s way forward. Companies that don’t take advantage of cloud computing now are expected to be in the minority in less than six years. If that’s not enough to get you on […]

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Moving a Business from Mobile-Ready to Mobile-First

Transitioning a business from mobile ready to mobile-first. Gone are the days of sitting in front of the computer to get the information that you need. With the use of smartphones on the rise, this […]

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How to Protect Your Small Business’s Data

Safeguard your company’s information with these tips. In the age of technology-based businesses and hackers, it’s important to know where your company’s threats lie. Protecting your business from a […]

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Ways to Make Your Data Work For You

Make the most of your small business data. As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard of ‘big data.' While your data may not be as large and as complex as that of giant companies, your small […]

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Are Apps the Key to Business Growth?

Mobile apps could be the focal point in your business’s brand success. Are you constantly being asked to ‘scan this on your phone,' ‘download this app,' and ‘like us on social media.’ These days, […]

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The Rising Mobile Millennial Workforce

Get mobile ready to welcome the movement of millennial employees. The workforce is changing, thanks to growth in mobile technologies and an even more dramatic rise in millennial workers. These shifts […]