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Connixt @ APTAExpo

Connixt is presenting at the APTA Expo at Orlando, FL, Nov 8-10, this year. Attend the Connixt session at the SOLUTIONS Learning Zone on Monday, November 8, at 1 pm for a presentation, demonstration […]

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Los Angeles Metro recognizes Connixt iMarq™ deployment at Rail Fleet Services

August 2021. Los Angeles Metro’s Rail Fleet Services (RFS) received the Bright Ideas Award for their implementation of the Connixt iMarq™ mobile application suite for digitizing maintenance. The […]

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3 Trends in Maintenance Technology for this decade (and beyond)

There is much in store for maintenance in the years ahead beyond the usual enhancements to traditional asset maintenance systems.  Increased use of mobile computing, IoT (Internet of Things), and […]

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Transformation in Transit


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Getting rid of paper doesn’t need to be so hard

We live in an amazing world. Technology advances have given us things we could only dream about a few years ago. I remember wishing I could afford one of those expensive GPS units, as my inability to […]

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5 Mobile App Trends That Are Improving the Way Businesses Work

Tech trends of 2016 are changing the way we work. There’s no denying that the growth of technology has been explosive ever since the first iMac hit the store. Everything from the way we interact […]