Three Easy and Simple Apps to Aid Your Business

Posted by Connixt

Supercharge your business with these apps!

Entrepreneurs are notorious for wearing multiple hats and working long hours. Needless to say, their time is noticeably very precious. If you feel like you’re constantly pulled in many directions at work, it’s time to install these apps that are simple, easy, and will save you time running your business!

While every business will have different needs, here are the top three generic apps that will help you to stay organized at work.

Xero: This is a simple, smart, cloud accounting software that allows you to send invoices, manage bookkeeping, share your account books, and more while running your business on the go. By viewing all of your finances in one place, all of your financial accounts are simplified.

Zoho: If you need help with your sales, marketing, surveys, or campaigns, Zoho is a reliable app. Zoho allows you to get a 360-degree of your sales cycle and pipeline, allowing you to spot trends and increase efficiency, all the while reducing costs.

TSheets: This app is an online employee time tracker, allowing you to keep track of all of your employee’s hours, saving you time and energy! Once the time has been tracked, you can run payroll, billing, and invoices against the real-time information.

Do you want more from just one app? Do you have complex requirements and want integrated systems that benefit both the business and the employee? Check out Connixt apps, where your processes are handled automatically and all of your staff, field services and inventory are kept on track – all under one digital roof! Learn more about how we tailor apps to suit your business’ needs. Contact us today to get started!

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Written by Connixt