Leave work worry-free with these tips and tricks.

As our work lives start to get busy, our stress levels rise. Whether you’ve taken too much on at work or your career is a naturally high-pressure environment, stress relief needs to be a part of your routine.

Three out of four American workers report stress on the job! With that said, be sure to use these tips to beat work stress and excel your career:

  • Sleep well – Lack of sleep can impact our cognitive function, such as our attention and working memory. As we juggle work and home life, a full eight hours of sleep is recommended.
  • Lead a balanced life – Ensure that you’re eating balanced and regular meals, drinking enough water to stay hydrated, and exercising! This not only reduces stress but cuts down on your trips to the doctor and sick days off work.
  • Make tasks – Making a calendar, a To-Do list, or checklist for the week, getting organized will mean that you’re properly equipped for the work ahead.
  • Learn to say ‘no’ – While you may want to impress everyone at work, taking on too much work can be detrimental to your health. Learn what you can manage and politely decline additional work.
  • Take a break – Taking frequent, short breaks actually improves task completion – so be sure to always take your lunch break!
  • Put it in perspective– No, the world won’t end if you forget to send an email. It’s easy to get worked up and frustrated, but take note that this will not aid any situation. Approach every challenge calmly and rationally – and you’ll clear the hurdle!
  • Pace yourself – It’s easy to feel the pressure of work and home, but scheduling time for even little things and setting realistic time frames can reduce the buildup of stress.

Beating work stress allows you more time and freedom to focus on enjoying life! To organize your businesses processes and communication on the field, in the office, at the warehouse, and in transit, contact Connixt for the all-important app to benefit your busineses!

Post by Connixt
April 27, 2016

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