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Welcome to the official Connixt blog! We are proud to welcome you to our blog page, one that will be full of useful information, fun advice, and material about our how mobile apps for businesses can work for you.

First a word on what Connixt is! Our out-of-the-box mobile apps for businesses allow them to connect with field employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, logistic providers, and more. We understand that effective communication and, more importantly, process integration is incredibly important for companies and customers, and our mobile apps accelerate this process like never before.

Why a mobile app for business processes, you ask? Hands up if you own a smartphone. Keep your hand up if you’re constantly glued to it and if you have ever used messaging or WhatsApp to communicate with family and with colleagues… That’s what we thought. The consumer world has seen a majority of users swap their stone-age Nokia for an Apple smartphone or an Android.  Gone are the days when people would have to dial up to use the Internet to check their emails.  And the workplace is gearing up for change too – after all, it is the same consumers so committed to their smartphones who also work and run businesses.  Are businesses moving to mobile much like they left desktops behind some years ago?  We, like many others, certainly think so.

Deploying easy, fast, and efficient technology that can be rapidly configured within a business enterprise allows consistent communications and real-time updates. As businesses strive for greater efficiencies - whether around the world or simply on the field, this is now a necessity.

So, we welcome you to join in our blog, opt for monthly updates, and find out more about our solutions.

From Connixt in California, welcome!

Post by Connixt
March 20, 2016

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